10th Planet Jiu Jitsu El Paso Training Center

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu El Paso Training Center was founded by 10th Planet Black Belt under Eddie Bravo, Master Victor Davila in 2009. It is now run by 10th Planet Moon Head Cristobal “El Mosquito” Chavez also know as “Kitto”. He currently fights for King of the Cage and is a 10th Planet Black Belt under Master Victor Davila.


• 2010 IBJJF Nationals (in Mexico) 1st Place

• 2010 Hayashi Tournament 2nd Place 135lbs

• 2011 IBJJF Worlds (Blue Belt) 3rd Place

• 2011 Hayashi Tournament 2nd Place 145lbs

• 2012 Gracie Nationals 2nd Place

• 2012 Gracie Regionals 1st Place

• 2012 Gracie Worlds 3rd Place

• 2012 November 10th King of the Cage: Final Countdown vs Josh Rodriguez(MMA debut) Won via triangle in 1:26 of 1st round

• 2013 March 9th King of the Cage: Roughnecks vs Robert Herrera Won via triangle in 1:09 of 2nd round

• 2013 Hayashi Tournament 1st Place 155lbs

• 2013 October 19th King of the Cage: World Amateur Championship vs Brent James Won via unanimous decision

• 2014 February 8th King of the Cage: Rumble Won via TKO in :36 seconds of the 1st round

• 2014 April 19th King of the Cage: Rumble vs Kevin Wirth Won via Split Decision

• 2014 July 11th King of the Cage: Rise vs Victor Orquiz Won via Rear Naked Choke in 36 seconds

• 2015 King of the Cage: Fierce {PRO FIGHT} vs Baron Von Mueller Won via TKO 3:43 Grapplefest- {expert division} 2nd Place No-GI

• 2015 King of The Cage: Warriors {PRO FIGHT} vs Daniel Valdez via submission Americana 2nd round

• 2016 Combate Americas {PRO FIGHT] vs Mauricio Diaz. Win via Unanimous Decision

• 2016 Cotas MMA [Bolivia] {PRO FIGHT] vs Ronny Perrogon. Win via triangle-armbar 2nd round.